BFA in sculpture, ‘Bezalel’ Jerusalem, Israel.
Art Therapy- Haifa University, Certificate of
Approval by the Israeli Health Department 24015.

Leora has lived in Israel for most of her life
and has been working for the past 25 years as
a professional Art Therapist.
A Lecturer in Art Therapy for trainee Art
Therapists, and presents courses and seminars
in Israel and U.K:

A children’s book: ‘Fear, Anger and loneliness
went out for a walk’.
‘Being in Touch’, on Art Psychotherapy, (Both
books are available in Hebrew).

Therapy Cards: ‘The Tree’, ‘People’ – sotto Publication.

 Art Therapy is a field fundamentally different from verbal psychotherapy. It is not simply the addition of a material or paint to the session, it manifests the concept that the understanding of ourselves through this field is through physical-sensual and visual sensations and understandings.
The world of material and colour create a channel enabling dialogue to take place between the patient and the work with materials and colour  between the patient and the therapist to create a dialogue between the patient and his/her inner self.

The visual and physical-sensual experience that the patient creates enables movement of the body, instincts, feelings, thoughts, images and ideas to be expressed consciously and\or unconsciously in a spontaneous playful, intuitive or practical way. In other words, the patient does something rather than speaks of it. The patient “pours” his feelings – paint on to the sheet of paper, releases and eliminates energy \feelings by throwing clay on the floor, cuts up paper and/or clay out of aggression, works constructively by making a sculpture or painting, or he/she makes an image and reflects upon it. He is re creating his life story by expressing, sensing, seeing many feelings, energy and visions in order to build a healthier structure for himself, of himself. The dialogue conducted with the paints and materials enables  the patient to bud, then to grow, to solve, to clarify, to meet, to acknowledge, to accept, to discover, to release inner feelings or energy. The sensation of the work with colour and material is the vehicle which encourages the capacity to pretend, to imagine, at times to concentrate, so as to build his story, to build himself.